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Everyone can get benefits from Pelvic Academy about the subjects which are listed on the website.
Pelvic Academy’s headquarters is located in Ankara, however, Pelvic Academy provides service all around in Turkey.
Online courses will be settled and given with the international and domestic experts.
Yes, it will be possible to receive consultancy services by getting an appointment from the experts on our system with a fee.
A certificate will be given after individual or corporate courses/ training.
There is no hospital or clinic that Pelvic Academy has an agreement with. However, there are solution partners to direct the advisee (client).
Projects can be organized and run. Educational organizations can be organized.
Yes, representative offices can be opened in their own regions by our colleagues who are in the same vision with us and who protect and respect the working principles of Pelvic Academy, on the condition to stay within the framework of Pelvic Academy.
Yes, Pelvic Academy has a current relationship and contact with the physicians, the physiotherapists, and the institutions, who are an authority in their field, to share information and experience. This information and experiences are actively and currently shared in the Professional Section of our website.